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Jadroagent Bar, International Shipping and Freight Agency Ltd., Bar, is in the shipping business as from January 1947. We are operating as Shipping and Forwarding Agents.

Jadroagent Bar, Bar Head Office is located in Bar, and our Branch Offices are located in Bijela (covering Bijela Shipyard and all ports in the Bay of Kotor), Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro,Tivat – Porto Montenegro, customs terminal Racica, Bijelo Polje and in Niksic– Ilino brdo, border crossing toward Republika Srpska. Jadroagent Bar, Bar is well organized and has excellent facilities with high educated and professional staff of 65 employees dealing with operational side and office activities, covering management, marketing and documentation, accounting, financial, ship accounts, container logistics with land facilities, legal services, etc., very efficient, reliable and attentive to every principal’s needs. We are in possession of General Custom Guarantee.

We are general agents of the ship owner Losinjska plovidba, the feeder service of which delivers containers from ports of Malta,Taranto, Gioia Tauro,Rijekaand Kopar to Port of Bar.Besides we act like sub-agents of liners CMA-CGM, APL and UASC.

We are also representatives / correspondents of all major P&I Clubs.

Quality of our services is guaranteed by our membership in ATLAS, FONASBA and MARCO POLO Associations and Plaque issued by Montenegro Chamber of Commerce for the best business results achieved in 2001. Also, for year 2008 we are pronounced as the Best Company in Montenegro by Directorate for development of small and middle sized companies.

Jadroagent Bar, Bar operating procedure is to create a business partnership with the customers, that are based on trust, teamwork and collaboration, always acting to the best of its knowledge to protect interests of its customers.